Ohlala / B&L STEEL

About Ohlala
An Ohlala! ring is a piece of fine architecture, designed to enhance your character, strength & style. Embrace your femininity.

Ohlala! makes you feel the classy, happy & fierce lady you are.
Designed to accentuate your personality.

Ohlala! rings can we worn separately or add together.

All is made of the finest steel, with layers of 18 carat of gold, rose gold and chocolate gold.
The stones can be switched to any color, to your personal desires.

With love, Ohlala!



I’m not sure what I will do, but- well,

I want to go places and see people, I want my mind to grow,

I want to take pride in whatever it is that makes me different,

I want to live where things happen on a great scale,

individuality is what divides me from the rest.

B&L and me going places.

The jewelry is made of high quality silver, stainless steel and leather. Look at store locator for stores that sell this great jewelry.






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